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About Us

Michelle grew up by the majestic St. Lawrence River in Brockville, Ontario. and continues to live there by the water.  As a child, she always looked forward to summers spent boating on the river and the annual visits to her extended families in L’Ardoise, Nova Scotia and Bay Bulls, Newfoundland.

Michelle grew up with the warmth and comfort of creations made by her two grandmothers. They knitted socks, crocheted blankets and made crazy quilts. Michelle always looked forward to sitting on her Nanny William’s veranda, looking the ocean and eating homemade bread fresh out of the old wood stove. Nights would get chilly even in summer and she would sleep under a few handmade quilts. Those were the best sleeps ever!

So naturally, when Michelle began to quilt, she reached into that Canadian family history and started labeling her creations as “made by Watergirl Quilter”. Her Nannies knitted and quilted out of necessity to provide warmth for their children but mostly out of love.

After 24 years of being an elementary school teacher both in Canada and Japan, Michelle was compelled to follow her passion for quilting and to create her own family legacy. She is proud to be a member of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild and the Thousand Islands Quilters' Guild.

Whether you quilt to feel joy, to heal from sadness, or to express your love for family and friends, we at Watergirl Quilt Co. would be honoured to be part of your creative journey.

Michelle, a.k.a. Watergirl Quilter, with her quilt that she named Abundance (pattern by Sujata Shah).

Nanny Williams mending her crazy quilt made of old clothing.