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In Control Bag

In Control By Annie pattern sewing and quilting online workshop at Watergirl Quilt Co.

Call Me Bag

Call Me Bag By Annie Patterns workshop on Zoom at Watergirl Quilt Co. quilting supplies and fabrics.

Staff Challenge Contest

Please let us know which of these creations are your favourite! The Watergirl Quilt Co. staff decided to challenge each other to use at least one piece of fabric from the Alchemy Collection by Hoffman (the pink, purple, green or gold metallic fabrics). Any other fabrics were allowed to be added and there were no rules on what could be created. Click on the thumbnails at the bottom to enlarge the quilt photos. Photos are in order of the drop box choices. Vote now and tell us your favourite! Encourage and support our inspiring, passionate staff. Voting ends on Friday, January 15, 2021. Winner gets bragging rites!