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Benefits of Quilting for Your Mental Health

The art of quilting holds many benefits beyond just the pride and joy in crafting a beautiful quilt for someone to enjoy. Watergirl Quilt Co is a sewing company online that offers quilting supplies, sewing machines, and more to those who love to quilt. Below, we'll take a look at some of the benefits of quilting for your mental health. Shop online today!

Improves Your Concentration

Those who quilt understand that you need to be focused and alert as you stitch. You'll be using all of your available concentration in order to ensure you don't mess up. All it takes is one slip (literally) and the cut you made in the wrong place that you didn't mean to do cannot be undone. After doing this once or twice, you'll notice your concentration naturally improving as you continue quilting.

Helps With Mental Agility

There's a lot involved when planning a quilt that goes beyond just stitching. You have to plan your design, shop for the quilting materials, cut the pieces, and then sew them together in the correct order. You'll then add batting and more to finish the quilt. The constant flex of your mental muscles will help tremendously to keep you sharp throughout life. The dexterity in your hands will grow, too, as sometimes the stitches will need to be small in confined areas.

Fosters Community

Ever since people have been quilting, they have come together to do so, even forming quilting guilds. It's a wonderful activity to do with others. Not only can you catch up with friends, but you'll also learn some tricks of the trade from others in order to improve your quilting skills. It's a great activity to make friends, while talking about quilting, too. Community helps us with our physical health, too, as numerous studies show that building relationships helps with physical conditions, depression, anxiety, and more. Here at Waterquilt Girl Co, we'd love to have you join our community. Request to join our private Facebook page today.

Relieves Stress and Occupies the Mind

We all need an escape from the world we occupy for our own mental well-being. Sometimes events around us or circumstances we find ourselves in can be overwhelming. When you quilt, you'll be so engrossed in your task that you'll find your mind is distracted from any worries or anxieties you may be feeling. Similarly, many who suffer from chronic pain report that when they quilt, they don't realize the pain they are in because they are so involved in the task at hand. Quilting relieves stress and worry for many.


Watergirl Quilt Co is a quilt shop located in Prescott, Ontario. We offer a great store location and education center, as well as a wonderful online community where you can purchase sewing machines, quilting supplies, and so much more. Check out our upcoming events, classes, and our quilt shop online, or stop by today!

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