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Show Your 'Love' for Watergirl and Vote For Us In the ByAnnie Contest

Watergirl Quilt Co. is excited to announce that we are in the running for your favourite Local Quilt Shop in an annual contest run by Voting begins January 28th, and you can vote all the month of February. Vote for our local quilt shop today!

What Is Local Quilt Shop Day?

Local Quilt Shop Day is the fourth Saturday in January, and it is a day to celebrate all things quilting and the difference that local quilt shops are making. It's a day to visit your local quilt shop and acknowledge this worldwide hobby that millions love.

Why Celebrate Quilters?

Quilting has been around for centuries, but no one is sure exactly when the first "quilt" was made. However, quilts have kept generations of people warm and cozy on cold, winter nights, and they also bring much-needed beauty to people everywhere. In addition, quilting, as a hobby, brings many joy and stress relief and is much beloved by those who practice quilting.

What You Can Do On National Quilt Shop Day

One of the best things you can do on National Quilt Shop Day is visit your local quilt shop, such as Watergirl Quilt Co in Prescott. Purchase your quilting supplies from them, and if you're new to quilting, learn more about this wonderful art form.

Support Watergirl Quilt Co. And Vote Today is a pattern and notions company that shares their passion for quilting with others, much like our local Prescott quilt shop does. This contest allows you to share your love for your local quilt shop and offer them recognition for the good they do in your community. When you enter, you'll be asked for a comment on the quilt shop, which owners love to read. Vote for Watergirl Quilt Co. today!