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How to Keep My Quilting Projects Organized? Answer: Quilter's Planner!

One of the best ways to keep your quilting projects organized is by using a Quilter's Planner. The Quilter's Planner is a versatile tool specifically designed to help quilters stay organized, track their progress, and plan their projects effectively. Watergirl Quilt Co. is a local quilt shop in Prescott, Ontario. We have a vibrant community of quilters from all over Canada and the U.S. Here's how a quilter's planner can help you. Shop our quilting and sewing supplies online today!

Project Planning

The Quilter's Planner contains dedicated sections to plan and outline your quilting projects. It provides space to jot down ideas, sketch designs, and make detailed notes about fabric choices, measurements, and techniques. 

Monthly and Weekly Calendar

The planner features monthly and weekly calendar pages, providing a clear overview of your schedule and deadlines. You can use these pages to schedule quilting time, block out specific days for quilting workshops or classes, and set achievable goals for each week or month.

To-Do Lists

The Quilter's Planner includes dedicated sections for to-do lists, allowing you to stay on top of tasks related to your quilting projects. You can create lists for fabric shopping, cutting, piecing, quilting, and binding, ensuring that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

Progress Tracker

The planner provides space to track your progress on each project. You can record the completion of specific project milestones, such as fabric selection, cutting, piecing, and quilting. This helps you visualize your progress and stay motivated as your quilting projects take shape.


With the Quilter's Planner at your disposal, you can streamline your quilting projects, stay organized, and make the most of your quilting time. Watergirl Quilt Co. offers quilter's planners for all your project needs. You will love how your quilting projects will come together when you have your journey laid out. Shop our quilter's planners, level up your quilting skills with a workshop, and other sewing supplies online today!