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What To Expect In the Quilting World In 2024

In 2024, the quilting world is set to experience exciting and innovative changes, and Watergirl Quilt Co. is no exception. As a top-rated local quilt shop located in Prescott, Ontario, Watergirl Quilt Co. strives to stay ahead of trends and meet the evolving needs of quilters. Here's what you can expect from 2024. Shop today

Technological Advancements

Technology continues to play a significant role in transforming the quilting industry. In 2024, quilters can expect to see the rise of smart quilting machines with advanced features, such as automatic pattern recognition and precise stitching capabilities. These sewing machines will enhance the speed and accuracy of quilting projects, allowing quilters to bring their designs to life more efficiently.

Sustainable Quilting

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, the quilting world is following suit. Quilters in 2024 will embrace sustainable practices, such as using organic fabrics, upcycling materials, and reducing waste. Additionally, there will be a growing popularity of eco-friendly quilting products and tools, promoting a more sustainable approach to the craft.

Unique Fabric Selections

Quilters in 2024 will have access to a wide range of unique fabric selections. The industry will witness the emergence of new fabric lines, blending traditional designs with modern aesthetics. Quilters can expect to find innovative prints, textures, and colors that will allow them to create one-of-a-kind quilts. Check out our quilting fabrics online today.

Online Quilting Communities

The sense of community is an integral part of quilting, and in 2024, this community will thrive online. Quilters will engage in virtual quilting groups, forums, and classes, connecting with fellow quilters from around the world. These online platforms will encourage knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and inspiration, making it easier for quilters to stay connected to their craft. Watergirl Quilt Co. offers wonderful sewing classes and events online. Check them out today. 

Quilting as Self-Expression

Quilts have always been a means of self-expression, and in 2024, this aspect will be emphasized even more. Quilters will explore new techniques, experiment with bold colors, and incorporate personal stories into their quilts. This trend will celebrate individuality and artistic expression within the quilting community.


The quilting world in 2024 will be dynamic and full of innovation. Technological advancements, sustainable practices, unique fabric selections, online quilting communities, and self-expression will shape the future of quilting. Quilters can look forward to a thrilling journey of creativity and connectivity in the years to come. 

At our small but mighty local quilt shop, Canada's quilting destination, you can expect us to be at the forefront of these innovative changes for the quilting world. Our mission is to foster community and help you enjoy the wonderful world of quilting by helping you improve and introducing you to new tools and techniques to do so. Above all else, we make it fun. Check out our Facebook page for all the latest news, and explore our Quilting Cruise to Alaska in 2024. Get your quilting supplies today!

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