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Watergirl Quilt Co. Quilter's Appreciation Weekend

Happy World Quilt Day!

So I am a day early but with the year that we have had, how about we change things up this time and let's call it World Quilting Weekend! 

We know that quilters have made face masks, scrub caps and other items of comfort for members of their communities during the past year and now it is time to give something back to all of you.

How about a fun surprise? We have amazing grab bags to offer you this weekend. When I was a child, we lived near the "corner store". The good, old fashioned kind where the owners knew everyone's name, carried a bit of everything and would call your mother if you didn't show respect! I used to love getting my allowance on Fridays and going to buy a grab bag of candy. It was like Christmas, every week when I would open that paper bag and discover the yummy treats.

Well, we aren't going to send you candy but we have 3 different sized grab bags to celebrate quilting. All bags will have a surprise assortment of notions including Aurifil threads, patterns and other handy gadgets. You could even get a small wool pressing mat or cutting mat in the large size bags or books. They mystery will be worth it! 
Choose a size:

Small - Retail Value of $50 on sale for $25

Medium - Retail Value of $100 on sale for $50

Large - Retail Value of $200 on sale for $100

Sample of a large grab bag

Treat yourself or pass on some of the goodies as random acts of kindness to your quilting friends. When you place your order, we will get to making your grab bag. Please allow about 2 weeks for the bags to be ready.

Did you blow through a good chunk of your stash on face masks last year? We have a deal to help you to restock:

All pre-cut fat quarters will be on sale, 6 Fat Quarters for $20 all weekend. You are welcome to visit us in Prescott and choose your own fat quarters or order online, pick a colour (or two or three or four...) and our awesome staff will surprise you with a curated selection. You know how much they love to do fabric pulls! 

Well, Mr. Bobbin, you might need a bit of educating about quilting terms!

Thank you for being part of our journey at your Canadian Quilting Destination, from all of the Watergirl Team.


If you are looking for a fun way to spend your Saturday, sign up for our World Quilt Day Virtual Celebration. You can still register until 5pm today.