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Complimentary Olfa 45mm Rotary Blades Today Only

Hello Crew!

Some of you may still be enjoying the long weekend while others are back at work. Just to add some fun to the first Monday of the month, it is Mystery Monday time again!

Today we have two things that every quilter wants and needs!

Designer Fabric

Designer Fabric and

Olfa 45 mm replacement rotary blade Olfa 45mm rotary replacement blades

Why should you change your rotary blades often?

dull rotary blade can be a literal drag and has the potential to ruin your quilt

cuts need to be clean and even for blocks to look right when assembled

it also takes a whole lot longer to make a quilt when you have to make multiple passes with the rotary cutter 

So today for Mystery Monday, we have a special offer for you, available only until 11:59pm on April 5th.

Purchase $75* or more of Designer Fabrics and receive a complimentary Olfa 45mm rotary blade in a protective case (retail value of $13). 


All of the By Annie patterns have a second photo in the product listing that shows the fabric requirements for the pattern.

Why not start your pattern wish list and order your fabric today?

It's as easy as clicking on this link and you can start browsing our Designer Fabrics (this only applies to fabric collections that are listed in the Designer Fabrics section of our website).

Hope this adds some fun to your Monday!

Stay safe, stay hopeful and do something that makes you smile.

Michelle and the Watergirls


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Please "hop" online and reserve your spot to this complimentary show! That's right, free! 

The Double Zip Gear Bag 2.0 is a great one to feature your designer prints of fabric.
*Must purchase a minium of $75 before tax is added.