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Virtual Embroidery Event this Wednesday!

Hello Crew!

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! I would like to pass on this learning opportunity for any of you who have an embroidery machine or hope to have one someday. Dime is an American retailer of embroidery and edge-to-edge quilting techniques. It is exciting to share that Dime now has a Canadian distributor, Erie Quilt Art. This wonderful opportunity has been arranged by the owner, Gail. 

You can now take part in a Dime online virtual event that is free. 

Topics Covered:

  • Eileen Roche’s Quilt with an Embroidery Machine Methods
  • Amelie Scott’s Edge to Edge Quilting Designs
  • How to design quilting layouts from crib to king size
  • How to handle a bulky quilt on an embroidery machine
  • Precisely place quilting designs in the hoop

Should you choose to purchase any of the items featured in the event, your products will be shipped to Erie Quilt Art for free. You will not have to deal with duties like sometimes happens when you order from the USA to be shipped to Canada. Erie Quilt Art will then send your purchase to our shop for you to pick up or we can ship it to you at our usual shipping rate. When you support this event, 20% of the profits come to Watergirl Quilt Co. So you get to shop a large retailer and support local.

This event is on Wednesday, April 14th at 3pm CDT 

You may register at the contact information in the photo. 

Thank you for your support!

Stay safe, stay hopeful and do something that makes you smile.

Michelle and the Watergirls