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Thread matters. Are you stocked up on thread? Price increase coming March 1st.

Happy Sunday Crew!

We hope that you will have a pleasant day of relaxing, hopefully doing some sewing and working on those projects!

On January 1st, 2022, Aurifil Threads significantly increased the prices of their threads. Sadly, this seems to be the trend in all consumer products these days. We are all familiar with the supply chain and manufacturing challenges that the world is facing right now. At Watergirl Quilt Co. , we did not raise our thread prices immediately. It is great that our Crew have been busy sewing and in need of threads so, we have had to restock most of our threads in the past month and purchased them at the higher price, without increasing the retail price for all of you.

People sometimes comment to us that Aurifil Thread is expensive. We do recognize that everyone has a different budget for their quilting hobby. We also believe that it is important to use the highest quality threads possible to hold your quilt together for decades to come. 

7 Benefits of Aurifil Threads

⚓ Aurifil is very smooth and closely twisted, leaving less lint in your sewing machine and making for a nice tight stitch. 

⚓ Aurifil 50wt Cotton is thin yet surprisingly strong, creating accurate and flat seams, making a difference when it comes to producing perfectly sized blocks.

⚓  You’ll appreciate the fact that Aurifil is very careful with the twisting and finishing process, which eliminates thread fraying and tangling and we all know how important this is to quilters! 

⚓ Aurifil Cotton undergoes mercerization, which is the process that increases luster and strength, resistance to mildew and shrinkage, and a better ability to absorb dye.

⚓ Cotton quilting thread does not abrade (or cut) the fibers of the quilt top and backing like synthetic fibers can. This means your quilt will wear better over time.

⚓ There are 270 fantastic shades of Aurifil colours, both solid and variegated to match and blend with the work you’re doing. We carry half of those colours in stock and can special order any colour that you would like. You can get every colour in all thread weights, too!

⚓ Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will see how easy it is to unwrap and position the Aurifil spool on your machine spool holder. Did you know that cap at the bottom twists/pulls off and you will find your end of thread, ready for you to use? Pretty smart idea, Aurifil!

Aurifil Thread | Watergirl Quilt Co.

Do you also know that Aurifil has fantastic resources where you can find colour charts and more plus they offer a variety of free patterns to inspire you. Click on the links to learn more.

Aurifil offers many different thread weights to meet your piecing, quilting and hand work needs. The spools are colour coded which is important because you can purchase every colour, in every weight.

Aurifil Thread | Watergirl Quilt Co.

Please be sure to note all the useful information on the spool label, too.

Aurifil Thread | Watergirl Quilt Co.

You may notice that the Aurifil Spools also hold more thread than some of the other manufacturers and naturally that means the spool costs more, but you don't need to replace them as often either.

So back to the price increase. So sorry that it cannot be avoided any longer. As of March 1st, all large spools of every weight of Aurifil thread will increase by $1.25 each. Luckily, the large cones have not increased in cost so you will still be able to purchase those at $65 each.

We love to special order for you and if you look at those colour charts at the Aurifil website and find something you need that we do not have in stock, please ask us to order it for you. We order weekly so your wait should not be too long. Would you like a colour chart made of real thread so that you get the most accurate match when doing your online shopping? Let us know, we can order you one. The cost would be $35 and colours rarely change so your card will last you a long, long time.

Sew, we wanted to let you know about the price increase just in case you would like to stock up in the next 48 hours. Please take a browse through our Aurifil Threads because it is worth it just for the eye candy of delicious colours!

As they say in Italy where this luxurious thread is made...

Arrivederci (bye, bye),

Michelle and the Watergirl Team


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