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Watergirl Quilts for Ukraine - will you join us?

Hello Crew,

We hope that you all had a good week. Here we find ourselves approaching the weekend and I feel blessed that I have our block of the month program to look forward to tomorrow and a sew day with friends on Sunday.

Sadly, not all of us are able to focus on doing things that make us smile right now. The people of Ukraine are in such a horrible situation, that words cannot express.  But I do know that our community wants to find a way to show that we care.

Watergirl Quilt Co. has set up a private Facebook group called Quilts for Ukraine - Hosted by Watergirl Quilt Co. and we invite you to join this grassroots community. The goal of this group is to have a meeting place where quilters can share their ideas for making quilts to welcome Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in our country. It is still early days, and we do not even know how the people will receive these quilts yet, but we figure it is good to start getting organized. This Facebook group will be a place to help develop those ideas and to share information. Watergirl Quilt Co. will host in-person and virtual sew days dedicated to making blocks or quilts for Ukrainians displaced by the war.

We would like to thank Maureen Taylor of Kanata who has generously donated her time and expertise as a Project Manager, to keep us organized. Maureen is an admin on our Facebook group so, you will see posts or answers to your questions both from her and Michelle. We have also created a Form to sign up to volunteer with our group or just to let us know that you want to participate by making blocks and quilts. You can complete this at our website. You will be required to include your email address when completing the online form. This is so that we can include you in a newsletter that will only be sent to those of you who wish to be involved with this group.

We do not intend to be a depository for the quilts but rather a facilitator to get quilters sewing for Ukraine and to help link you to organizations in your community who will need these quilts when the time comes for them to help settle newcomers. Please share this information with those who may be interested; your friends, guilds or even other quilt shops in your area. We will see how this evolves.

We thank you for being such a special group of quilters. We at Watergirl Quilt Co. are very proud of our community, which includes you.

As you know, we like to end our communications with "Stay safe, stay hopeful..." This words have become even more meaningful in the past week.

Let us come together to try and give a gift of comfort. Remember to still make time to do things that make you smile. A smile spreads good energy!

Thank you,

Michelle and the Watergirl Team