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Updated Link: Thank you from our neighbours

Watergirl Quilt Co.

Happy Monday, Crew!

I know that Monday isn't the most popular day of the week but I thought we could boost it up a bit with some "feel good" news.  In May, a group of quilters came together at our Education Centre and we made the Pat Sloan quilt pattern, to welcome our new neighbours from Ukraine. Michelle also made a pillow for them. These gifts were very much appreciated by the family. Getting together to work on this project was a blessing to us quilters, too. It felt great to be in a room full of positive energy, with a group of people doing something we all love. 

Recently, there was a wonderful article featured in a local publication and you can read the full story here at the Broadview . Here is an excerpt from the article, to tell you a little more about Marina Kachmar and her family:

"Kachmar, her husband Alex and her two young children had fled their home in Odesa, Ukraine when the Russian invasion began. The family of four had just moved into their new place in Prescott, Ont., an hour’s drive from Ottawa. Alex, an electronic engineer, and Kachmar, a psychologist, used to make enough that they could donate and help others, said Kachmar.

“It’s very heartwarming,” she said. “It’s a new experience for us. We had a good life before. We had everything, and we never needed any help.”

You just never know when your world can turn upside down. It is heartwarming for us too at Watergirl Quilt Co., to know that we could do something to show how much we all care. These smiles are worth every moment of the time we spent making the quilt.

Watergirl Quilt Co.

Watergirl Quilt Co.

As you go out into your week, please help to spread kindness with your words or through small gestures. 

We really appreciate the generosity of our Crew.

Stay safe, stay hopeful and do something that makes you smile.

Michelle and the Watergirl Team


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