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You know how every quilt tells a story?

Once upon a cold December eve a dog named Buck, a buck named Gus and a young goose named Ryan threw themselves a Christmas Party. They invited absolutely everyone. The three best friends, dressed in their finest Christmas Sweaters welcomed the entire forest into their fashionably appointed yet ruggedly masculine winter cabin. Animals from regions
far and wide made the long trek through the tall pines to enjoy a bit of eggnog and a casual peppermint over a crackling fire and some deeply academic conversation. Needless to say, the party got a little wild and Gus ended up with half of the Christmas tree decorations hanging from his antlers. Ryan gallantly volunteered to play Santa and Buck sat, elegantly
reserved, in his wingback chair telling stories from their college days. A jolly time was had by all as the festivities
stretched well into the misty morning light.

Check out this fantastic free pattern from Free Spirit Fabrics and make the Comfort and Joy Quilt for someone you love.

Comfort and Joy | Tula Pink | Watergirl Quilt Co.