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Nightshade is the newest installment in Tula's annually released “Deja Vu” collection. The Deja Vu category is her way of giving people a new shot at an old collection that they might have missed. She create a brand-new color variation of the original artwork and re-release that variation for new fans and old ones. By issuing the collection in a new color it maintains the value of the original print run by creating a clear distinction between the new re-issue and the original printing. The new version brings with it 10+ years of Tula's own growth and color explorations hopefully giving you something that is even better than the earlier versions! Nightshade was originally released in 2011-2012 as a Halloween collection to much confusion, due to the lack of pumpkins and candy corn, and it has become a cult favorite over the years. Since it was originally marketed as a holiday collection and had a targeted release window it has become one of the most difficult to find collections in Tula Pink's catalogue. Check out three free patterns below that we can kit for you.

Bewitched Quilt

Download Free Pattern Here

Family Magic Quilt Pattern

Download Free Pattern Here

The Still Room Quilt Pattern

Download Free Pattern Here
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Nightshade (Deja Vu) by Tula Pink - Storm Clouds - Oleander