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Sew Healthy & Happy

Quilting shouldn't be a pain in the neck! Stay pain-free with this quilter''s survival guide to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Ever been unusually sore after a marathon day of crafting? There''s no need for pain! This guide will make sure you have the right posture, techniques, and stretches when putting in those dedicated hours on your next project. Expert Rose Parr will teach you the methods behind ergonomics with useful visual guides, endless tips, healthy recipes, and contributions from the best quilters in the industry! . Certified health and ergonomics specialist Rose Parr shares her expertise on how to sew smarter, healthier and happier . Includes exercises, stretches, recipes, and tips to keep you in prime sewing form . Keep your mind sharp and your body ache-free!

Rose Parr has made it her mission to work at staying pain free while continuing to sew for as long as possible. She has combined her studies in home economics with her certifications in ergonomics, fitness, wellness and nutrition to teach others how to sew smart. Rose lives in Guelph, Ontario, Canada with her husband, David.

Join the Sew Grateful Sew Along with the author, Canadian Rose Parr in collaboration with Watergirl Quilt Co. Beginning in April 2021