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Sew Fine Thread Gloss - Breeze - Watergirl Quilt Co. Exclusive Scent

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is handcrafted in the Ottawa area by Jenn McMillan. She has been sewing since childhood and can remember digging through her grandmother's sewing kit and pulling out a gnarled chunk of beeswax, later finding out what she used it for - conditioning her thread

Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a beeswax based scented thread conditioner to help make your hand-sewing less tangly and smelling fantastic!

Jenn has collaborated with desginers Carolyn Friedlander, Karen Lewis and Libs Elliott for limited edition thread gloss and now she has created this unique scent just for us! 

Breeze is a fresh watery green fragrance delicately combining notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.

Now this makes us smile at Watergirl Quilt Co.