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BERNINA Needles Quilting Assorted Sizes - 5 Pcs 130/705 H-Q 75-90

System 130/705 H-Q

With a very slim, slightly rounded point which easily penetrates thick layers without damaging the material. For stitching/topstitching tasks, such as quilting and patchwork.

Needle sizes NM 75 to NM 90

Colour coding: green

Suitable machines BERNINA 8 Series, Longarm Products, Tips and Tricks, BERNINA 7 Series, BERNINA 5 Series, Longarm Quilting, BERNINA 5 Series (before 2017), BERNINA artista, BERNINA activa, BERNINA 4 Series, BERNINA 3 Series, BERNINA 3 Series, BERNINA 2 Series, BERNINA Classic Series
Suitable material Woven fabrics (light, medium and heavy-weight)
Suitable projects Decorative sewing, Patchwork, Quilting, Quilting