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Fat Robin 16 Point Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler Combo

Fat Robin 16-Point Mariner's Compass Book and Ruler Combo Revised and updated for making every Fat Robin 16-Point Compass block and variation in 16 sizes (even sizes 6in - 36in)! Includes the same Skinny Fat 60 degree Ruler and 22x34 template sheet, revised and updated the 54- page instruction booklet that includes all the info from the original Fat Robin Mariner's Compass Book, the Previous Fat Robin Companion Booklet, the "no circle" finishing Fat OctaCompasses information and pattern, expanded finishing instructions, "round" Sunflowers technique, tips for lefties, plus more!

  • Made of: Acrylic template and Paper Booklet
  • Use: Quilting Ruler
  • Included: Book and Template