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Fons & Porter Love of Quilting - Issue July/August 2022

Summertime is in full swing, bringing sunshine, warm air, and thoughts of cool breezes. We bring you creative quilt patterns to drift your thoughts to lazy summer days at the beach or on the water, vacations past or upcoming, and dreams or memories of such locales. Order your print issue to get 12 designs inspired by the sea!

Check out what’s inside:


• Beachcomber | Wavy ribbons of flowing color
• Scoops by the Seaside | Ice cream batiks and “party” points
• Gaze Into My Whirlpool | Blues and greens swirl in a bed quilt
• A Bit Fishy | Rows of whimsical, colorful fish
• Sea Glass Treasures | Scraps of pre-cuts in a timeless runner
• Summer Sailing | Sunshine in a batik wall hanging
• Buoys Away | Vibrant nautical flags and buoys
• Tulip Festival | Sweet floral applique wall hanging
• Out to Sea | Boats rock in a Quilt of Valor®
• Remembered | Meaningful Quilt of Valor®
• Courage in the Light | Quilt of Valor® in novelties
• Signature, Please! | Vintage top quilting pizzazz


• Quilting the Quilt: Open Auditions for a Lead Role
• Trunk Show: Judy Mathieson