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Retayne 4oz


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Retayne is used to set dye. For example, if you printed a text message on fabric, you can use Retayne to to set it. If you have a piece of fabric you know will fade, you can use Retayne to keep fading to a minimum.

Apply Retayne only once on commercially dyed fabric before washing it for the first time, or before piecing it into your quilt. Choose one of the two easy application methods, washing machine or hand wash. Remember to always test your fabric before washing it by following the instructions below.

When to use Retayne
Test your fabric before treating it with Retayne.
1. Dampen a small square of 100% cotton white muslin.
2. Place it on top of the colored fabric to be tested.
3. Iron the fabrics with a hot iron until dry.
4. Inspect the muslin. If there is any transfer of color, then treat your fabric with Retayne.